Thursday, April 22, 2010

WHAM!! New Mini

Slap! New mini comic finished!

How does he!?!? This one was an idea I had been kicking around in the old melon for a while now, leaning toward making it into a children's book, (which I will probably still do) but when Benn Ray asked me for a mini to submit for this year's Free Comic Book Day giveaway, I had to submit this. That's right, I will again be appearing in Mutant #1, for Free Comic Book Day. Be sure to stop by Atomic if you are in the neighborhood, you won't be disappointed by this year's giveaway. If you can't make it in, or order one online, and you really need to know how T-rex brushes his teeth with such short arms, I will have minis available in my store. (These will have colored covers, and I may even have a small limited run of screen-printed covers for the hopeful collector. (By hopeful I mean someone who thinks I may hit it big one day, and they can sell this mini off for their retirement fund...or just a close friend). Enough of that nonsense, here is a preview of the comic.

Stop salivating. Go buy one.

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