Monday, July 2, 2012

Color Vision Test

Hey good people,

Last week a co-worker of mine passed a "color-vision test" along to me. Essentially you go through the bars and create a perfect spectrum, or at least see how close to it you are able to come. I was astounded by the stats of females scoring so much higher than men. I don't mean to point that out in a sexist way; (like "Oh men can see just as good as females blah blah blah") regardless of who scored higher, it was shocking to see that it was such a large gap. I took the test and thought, well this should be interesting, and probably embarrassing, but what the heck. I took it, and was surprisingly greeted by this screen:

(Click to enlarge)

That's right. PERFECT COLOR VISION. Haha. That was my first try too. I took the tests again, and scored a 3. I took it a third time: 2. So at least I am able to say I have a record of staying under 10, and getting an "A" for color vision.

Okay, I know, "Shut up and hit us with the link". No problem, here it is, let me know how you do!

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