Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From the Depths...

This past weekend I did some portfolio / hard drive clean up. I enjoy this task because it forces me to re-visit some past works. It reminds of ideas I had, past projects completed, as well as coming across the in progress, and never started. In a sense it could be depressing, but I figured by posting a find every once in a while, it will give me the motivation to resuscitate some ideas that have gone into stagnation.

Here was one I stumbled across - a "home page" idea I once had for ryanonorato.com, before I went with the sleek facade it has now. This one brought back memories of my skating youth; how we will stop at nothing to get to that secret skate sanctuary.

Who would have known, "stopping at nothing to reach that secret sanctuary" can be pretty symbolic. Hot damn...maybe this piece was ahead of it's time!


(Click to enlarge)

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