Monday, May 7, 2012

In Demand

So a friend of mine asked me about a T-rex mini comic I had done a while back, he was looking for a copy for his young son. I directed him to Atomic Books' website; as I figured they would be able to ship him one before I could get around to putting more together. He said they were out of stock, and when I visited the website I saw the following picture...

(Click to Enlarge)

Look at the "Availability" - OUT OF STOCK. That means Ryan Onorato is in demand people! Haha. Fear not, I am currently in the process of replenishing the dry well of Ryan Onorato mini-comic-ness. So stay tuned, and Atomic will have more T-Rex, How Do You Brush Your Teeth With Such Short Arms? again in the near future.

Thanks to all of those who purchased a copy, for the support, and for making this post possible!

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