Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wash, Wax, Shine

For those who don't know, aside from my illustration, I am also Senior Graphic Designer for Pep Boys. Yep, this is indeed my full-time, 8-5 job. A little while back, I posted a bit about the illustrations I had done for the 2011 Holiday Campaign, and I thought that I'd share with you the work I've done for the Spring of 2012 set as well.

Spring time at Pep Boys, as well as our competitors, is a MAJOR time of year for sales in wash & wax products. As such, the marketing team started brainstorming...

We came up with all kinds of different approaches for what we wanted to do; but our Creative Director suggested a large "Car Wash" banner for the spring set. After kicking ideas around and different versions and revisions, it came down to the decision I was going to be in charge of this project. YIKES! A week or so trickled by, and this was the vision we decided to go with...first for web.

(Click to Enlarge)

It then decided, this would be an animated gif to be used in e-mail marketing. It was, however, so well received, that it was decided to be used the main Hanging Sign in all of Pep Boys stores! So now, this had to be converted from a 150px by 150px RGB Photoshop doc to a 56" x 48" CMYK Illustrator file. No problem.
After crafting the Ai file for about a week, it was finally ready to go. We had to go out for a press-check at our printer, and this is how the monstrosity looked in person...

(Click to Enlarge)

All looked good, and off to the stores they went. 
Now, I will try to get a photo from the store up here soon, but in the meantime, stop by your local Pep Boys and see it for yourself - and while you're there, load up on your car wash & wax accessories you need! 

(All images courtesy of The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack, copyright 2012. All design work shown above is property of The Pep Boys, as it was
not done on a freelance basis with Ryan Onorato Illustration. All rights belong to The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack)

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